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Helpful Hints Too Encourage Fussy Eaters


Welcome to the Ipswich Family Day Care blog! We hope you enjoy! 

Helpful Hints Too Encourage Fussy Eaters

Mel Irving


·         Introduce one new food at a time and at a time when you know the child is hungry

·         Watch portion servings that not to big

·         Try meals where the children can choose their own food like Taco’s

·         Be consistent; ensure all adults do the same when feeding your child.

·         Have only healthy foods available between meals for snacks

·         Encourage group or family meals where everyone sits and eats at the same time

·         Allow the children to help with the menu planning and meal preparation

·         Always offer your child at least one healthy food option you know they will eat at each meal.

·         Take snacks and water with you when you go out so you do not have to resort to shop brought high sugar and fat foods.

·         Turn Television off or other distractions

·         Do not encourage negative behaviours by laughing or fussing if your child spits or throws food etc.