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Welcome to the Ipswich Family Day Care blog! We hope you enjoy! 


Mel Irving

Well term 3 has been a big one at playgroup..

We have had Clancy the police Koala with his friend Nadine Webster Sergeant come and visit us, and talk to us about our community and ways to keep ourselves safe.

We have worked very hard this term to incorporate more natural sustainable resources and spaces, and plan to continue this into the New Year.


Shredded paper in the Mud pit was so much FUN!

  Our hay bales and dirt pile, along with really big tractor tires are a wonderful space that allow children to connect with  nature, explore and investigate..


Term 4 is looking to be amazing...

{C}·         New Literacy project to be incorporated – Koala Joeys , fostering literacy through Song and Rhyme.

{C}·         Additions to the environment to further foster children’s agency and reflect children’s voices.

{C}·         Celebration Xmas Party at the end of year.


Our playgroup Vision:

Play is DIRTY, LOUD, MESSY and UNPREDICTABLE, and we as early childhood professionals will provide environments and opportunities that allow for children to engage in deep level play..